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Throne of Angels episode 14 up online

Throne of Angels now has episode 14 online for your viewing pleasure.

In this episode:

Welcome to Episode 14! I'm excited you're here and we've got some great stuff to take a look at!

This episode we introduce a new segment!!! Letters to the Throne!

It's an open forum for viewers to ask question, make suggestions and have their comments shared! Send in your questions, comments and suggestions - you might just win something if it's read!

We announce a new sponsor! Secret Weapon Miniatures!!!

Progress Update!!! We continue to look at my progress on Project St. Luke the Dark Age force that I am painting up for my buddy Kevin -- target due date -- GenCon 2012! Am I gonna succeed? Should we start a pool???

Continuing with AWESOME NEW STUFF Episode 14 is our first THEMED episode - it's all about amazing products from Secret Weapon Miniatures!

Curious about their washes? We take a look. How bout the Objective Markers? Oh you didn't know they had Objective Markers? Yup, they sure do!

All this and more!!!

We've got a lot to cover so sit back, enjoy and thank you for joining me!!!