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Throne of Angels episode 10 now on YouTube

Throne of Angels now has episode 10 of their webisodes available to watch on YouTube. Check it out.

Welcome to Episode 10, the first double digit episode and our first milestone!

This episode we revisit the assembled Black Sun Type-012: Hunter from Anima Tactics.

We jump back into my progress on Cang the Implacable!!

Continuing with our focus on battlefield accessories we look at base stamping with Happy Seppuku
We also take a close look at Ucuzo the Flesh Golem from House Goritsi in the upcoming new game Wrath of Kings

We take quick looks at The Bloodchild, The Longhorn and the Goritsi Werewolf Warrior also from Wrath of Kings...which along with the Deep Caller from House Hadross and Sorik the Unfinished from House Teknes are all this episodes Give Away's!!! Talk about celebrating a milestone!

And last but not least we also celebrate out 100th subscriber with a very special give away as well!

We've got a lot to cover so sit back, enjoy and thank you for joining me!!!