Thrilling Expeditions Quarterly Vol. 2 No. 1 contents posted

Rattrap Productions have posted the contents for Thrilling Expeditions Quarterly Vol. 2 No. 1. From their website:
Gaming the Crimes of Bonnie and Clyde (Article) Page 3 by Larry Sturgeon The Bloody Barrow Brothers (Five Part .45 Adventure Scenario) Page 6 by Larry Sturgeon Deep One Hybrids (.45 Adventure Rules) Page 19 by Richard A. Johnson The Chronicles of Star Command –Thurnian Mercenaries (Fantastic Worlds Rules) Page 22 by Marc Anderson Safe House (Fantastic Worlds Scenario) Page 25 by Marc Anderson Building a Bandit Camp with Grimm (Article) Page 27 by Markus Kaufmann Three Thieves (Broadsword Adventures Fiction) Page 30 by Michael Garza On the Other Side of the Law (Broadsword Adventures Article) Page 39 by Alexsis Palmberg Returned to the Night (Broadsword Adventure Scenario) Page 46 by Richard A. Johnson