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Three new releases available from Ramshackle Games

Ramshackle Games has sent out all their orders from their successful Kickstarter campaign and now has some of those minis available over in their webshop.

From the update:

All of the rewards have been sent out for the Ramshackle Games kickstarter project to raise the capital to print The Tome of Tridlins, an expansion for Nuclear Renaissance.

One of the reward levels was to have a model sculpted by Ramshackle Games sculptor Curtis Fell. Two models have been made, Elizabeth Chopsmoor and Oed Zein, riding Thundor, the mighty bull Dunger. Chopsmoor was designed by Fred Quintanilla, while Oed Zein was designed by Rick Grubel. THanks to both of them for great ideas! Both figures are up in the shop now, along with an unmounted version of the large Dunger.