Three new Firestorm Armada Spaceships coming soon

Spartan Games will soon be adding three new spacecraft for their Firestorm Armada space combat game.

From their announcement:

Spartan Games is very pleased to announce that the latest fleet upgrades for its Firestorm Armada space combat game have now launched. The three upgrades affect the Alliance of Kurak forces, namely the Aquan Prime, Terran Alliance and Sorylian Collective, and will roll out to our sales partners in September.

At 225 points the Manta is costly, but it is a massive addition to the Aquan Prime fleet structure. Manta is a mainline fighting vessel, seen by some Aquan military commanders as a replacement for the current Battleship, bringing a real punch to any combat situation. One of the strengths of the Manta is its ability to carry up to 9 fighter wings, which when combined with its overall improved firepower makes the ship a potent upgrade for Aquan Fleets. A Manta model is 132mm long and 91mm wide. 1 Model per Blister.

The Bombard is the first Gunship Class vessel to be rolled out for the Sorylian Collective. The Fixed Fore weapon has a punch, but this vessel is designed to lay down a barrage of torpedo fire from its Fixed Fore arc. A brute of a design, the Bombard strikes at the heart of the enemy. Squadrons range from 2-3 vessels. It is not uncommon for Sorylian Fleet commanders to field this vessel instead of a Heavy Cruiser. 1 Model per Blister.

The Paladin Shield Cruiser is one of the first in a new class of R&D (Research & Development) Cruisers that are being rolled out amongst Terran Alliance Fleets. Its role is a simple one: protection. With a limited set of weaponry the vessel can protect itself, but the primary use of the Paladin is to attach itself to other vessels and extend a 4” radius defensive screen around itself and ships that lie within the screen. Up to 3 Shield ships can be deployed in a Squadron. 2 Models per Blister.

Images of these three new ships will be added to our web site at shortly. At the same time we will detail the three upgrades for the Dindrenzi Alliance, Relthoza and Directorate fleets.