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Three new episodes of ReaperMinisTV now available

ReaperMinisTV have posted three new episodes of their vidcast. From their announcement:
Hello everyone, There are three new episodes of ReaperMinisTV ready for viewing over at In episode 054 we start off with an update of the Razig army that I'm building for Warlord and then get into regular reviews (Chronoscope - Sleeping Beauty, Devil Girl, Redneck Princess and Joplin from the Zombie Survivors). For episode 055 you'll see the final work done on the Razig army, which includes water effects being added to about 2/3 of the figures in the army. This army will be featured in an upcoming (and being worked on now) Warlord battle report. Then in episode we get a look at lots of new releases inlcuding a Jabberwork (Pathfinder), Frost Giant Warrior (P-65 / Warlord), Shadow Demon (Warlord), Alice and White Rabbit (Chronoscope), Andallin Bonnerstock (Dark Heaven Legends) and Shazathared (Pathfinder). Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching. Mark, RMTV