Three new episodes of ReaperMinisTV now available

More episodes of ReaperMinisTV are now available to watch.

From their announcement:

There are three new episodes of ReaperMinisTV available for viewing.

In episode 026 we take a look at a bunch of new Reaper releases from the Pathfinder, Warlord, Chronoscope and Dark Heaven Legends line of figures.

Episode 027 is a compilation of the shooting rules for Warlord that were previously spread across three different videos. Due to time constraints some bits from the original videos had to be cut out but if you want all of the basic shooting rules all in one place this is the episode for you.

In episode 028 we see what might be the cover of the upcoming Savage North expansion for Warlord, Reaper’s skirmish tabletop fantasy game. There are also reviews of several new releases from the Chronoscope, Dark Heaven Legends and Warlord lines of figures.