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Thrash-Car, a new racing game, coming to Kickstarter soon

SolarFlare Games is working on a new racing tabletop game called Thrash-Car. They're working on development now and hope to have the game up on Kickstarter soon.


From the website:

After extensive testing and revisions, we were able to put together a game that has flexibility, speed, fun, humor and the ability to mess with the other players on their turn. We have made a game that allows you to just race while still messing with your neighbors (always a fun game benefit) and even better you can ram them into the wall over and over.

THRASH-CAR is designed to have a quickness of play, strategy and make you laugh all at the same time, and it does this very well.

Oh, and best of all, THRASH-CAR has Rednecks, Soccer Moms, Old Folks and Hippies all roaring around a race track with personality and their own unique style! Pick your team and start your engine!