Thomarillion new releases and material change

By tgn_admin
In Terrain
Jan 1st, 2011

Thomarillion have changed their casting material as well as releasing three new terrain pieces.



From their announcement:

Thomarillion have changed the material of many of their products from ceramic to resin. A lot of those items they had to take from their page due to damaged moulds are back again.

They have also released three new steampunk items. Two in ceramic and one in resin.
The Fumer
The Booster
The Power junction

  • Myrthe

    Ceramic to RESIN ??!! Now THAT is happy news for the New Year … not for my wallet but certainly what I’ve been hoping for for a long, long time !!

  • Great news, bought my first set to finish the shop table off and was really impressed with the quality and service.

  • Deeman

    Awesome news. Their designs were always neat, but the ceramic made them too fragile. Now I can justify ordering more!