This Week in Wargaming episode AT11 released

Episode AT11 of the This Week in Wargaming podcast has been released.

From their website:

This week in Wargaming, original host “Big Troy” McCauley and Russ Wakelin of The D6 Generation join me in the War Room to discuss the iPad and its impact on gaming, and This Week in Military History: 13th Secundus, 30,014.

All this, and this week’s headlines, including:

  • Wyrd Miniatures April Releases: Enslaved Nephilim, Malifaux Child, Doppelganger, and Hollow Waifs
  • Privateer Press’ Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth
  • Antenoceti’s Workshop’s G.O.T. Terminus Police
  • Wessex Games’ Geheimkrieg Alternate WWII Rules
  • Games Workshop’s River Trolls
  • Spartan Games’ Firestorm:Invasion Events for GenCon
  • Pardulon’s 28mm Shanty Town
  • Quantum Gothic’s 28mm Communication Dish
  • Dadi & Piombo’s Grandeur: IMPETVS in the Age of Napoleon