This Week in Wargaming episode AT10 posted

Episode AT10 of the This Week in Wargaming podcast has been posted.

From their website:?

This Week in Wargaming proudly welcomes its newest sponsor, the Richmond Leisure Society, who welcome you to join them for a day of gaming at Battle Hymn 2010 May 8, 2010, Richmond, Virginia.

  • Episode AT-10 features
  • Review: Mercs Minis: the KemVar,
  • DUDE!: Alderac Entertainment Group announces Dust:Tactics and related previews
  • This Week in Military History: March 30, 1856.
  • And, this week’s headlines:
  • Khurasan’s 15mm Vespulid Swarm
  • Lock ‘N’ Load Publishing’s Nuklear Winter 68 and Space Infantry
  • Artizan Design’s 28mm Landsknechts
  • Mantic’s Elven Battle Dragon
  • Corvus Belli’s March Releases for Infinity
  • Minos Miniatures’ Devilettes
  • Bastion’s Demo Video for Ex Illis
  • Forge World’s new Tau Battlesuits
  • Victory Point Games’ Toe-to-Toe Nu’klr Combat with the Rooskies