This Week in Wargaming episode AT-8 posted

Episode AT-8 of the This Week in Wargaming podcast has been posted.

From their website:

This Week in Wargaming features an opportunity to win a Gretel Von X figure from Grindhouse Games, This Week in Military History, February 24, 1303, and headlines covering the following news:

  • Fantasy Flight Games’ Battles of Westeros
  • Magister Militum’s 10mm Warmaster Medieval Armies
  • Kingdom Death’s Twilight Knight Pinup Edition
  • Avatars of War Bor Dragonbane
  • Enigma Miniatures’ Lox Jarg and Astharon
  • Troll Forged Trenchers
  • Battle Foam X-Board Travel Display
  • Brigade Games’ 28mm Napoleonics
  • Critical Mass Games’ 15mm sci-fi releases
  • Bastion’s Ex Illis software updated and new podcast
  • Wyrd Miniatures Peacekeeper for Malifaux
  • Olley’s Armies Scrunt Stonkers
  • Litko Aerosystems’ Heroscape tiles
  • Studio McVey’s Sharro
  • Chapterhouse 28mm Xenomorph alien heads

Don’t forget, the Gretel Von X contest runs through March 7, 2010.