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Thirty Years War Swedish Cavalry preview

Warlord Games have posted photos of painted samples of their upcoming 28mm Thirty Years War Swedish Cavalry.

From their announcement:
Due for release in February these Thirty Years War Swedish Cavalry make a lovely addition to the forces of Gustavus Adolphus and a thorn in the side of the Imperialist foe.

The Swedes, and the Finns who fought so well alongside them, were sometime equipped with the savage looking curved sabre rather than the standard broadsword, and we have included 3 metal sabre arms to equip your ranks.
The characteristic metal Swedish style helmet is also included. We have put in 10 of this Single barred and fluted helmet so that you can give them all this headgear if you really want, though a mix of helmets and soft hats seems common at the time.

This set is available to pre-order and will ship in the middle of February.