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Thirsty Gamer Rivet Wars Christmas Truce Painting Contest

Thirsty Gamer has teamed up with Super Robot Punch and CooMiniOrNot to bring you the Rivet Wars Christmas Truce painting contest.
For those that don't know, the Christmas Truces were impromptu (and unofficial) truces that sprung up on the Western Front during WWI between the Axis and Allied troops. Groups of soldiers came out of their trenches and shook hands and fraternized with their enemies across no-man's land. Soccer (or football, if you prefer) matches were also had between the warring sides.
Anyway, I could go on for hours about that (I do have a degree in History, after all), but let's learn more about the contest.


From the website:

The submission period for entering models will last until 31 December 2014. Models submitted must meet the following guidelines:

- In the spirit of the Christmas Truce, all entries should include at least one Allied and one Blight model, and should have them interacting in a manner that befits the contest background. They can be singing carols, playing football, or just shaking hands. Be creative!

- A person may submit as many entries as they wish.

Pictures of the finished model/miniature must be submitted No Later Than 31 December 2014 Pacific Time.

All entries must be uploaded to CMON, no external links. Please follow the following directions:

Set up an account on
Then go to
Category – Steampunk
Manufacturer – Rivet Wars
Comments – You can talk a little bit about your piece.
Send an email to with a link to your piece on

Contest Winner will receive an original Christmas Truce Themed watercolor from none other than Rivet Wars Creator, Ted Terranova, and a Rivet Wars Jetpacker Promotional Model.