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Thirdman Studios Running Asylum: The Alderney Case Kickstarter

Who doesn't love a good miniature? There's really something to be said about a figure that has a lot of detail and character. A great mini can tell a whole story, just by being there. You look at it and instantly your mind is filled with what's going on in the world that the miniature lives in. One of the best, Edouard Guiton (who you might know as the former lead character designer for Rackham, as well as a designer for games like Zombicide and Wrath of Kings), created the world of Asylum: The Alderney Case. Now Thirdman Studio is running a Kickstarter campaign to bring it to life.

Asylum Art

The campaign consists of three pledge levels.
There's the Support Pledge of just €5 that gets you the Asylum pdf storybook. There's the Character pledge, which is €35, which gets you one of the miniatures from the campaign (the minis are 54mm, if you're curious), along with the storybook. The final pledge level is €90. That one gets you three specific minis from the campaign, including the figure that is a Kickstarter exclusive (so if you want it, that's the way you're gonna have to get it), as well as a story card that goes with the mini. Stretch goals will expand what minis are available for the second pledge level and be added to the third pledge level for free.

This is a short campaign, everyone. Only 13 days remain to get in on the action.