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Third-Eye Games Releases Part-Time Gods of Fate RPG

I've known a lot of people who have acted as though they thought they were part-god. ... Trust me, it's never the greatest thing to deal with. However, what if you really were partly divine? Would you try and live a double-life? Would you shun your divine half? Would you just say "to heck with humanity!" (that's probably what I'd pick). These are questions you must answer in Third-Eyed Games' Part-Time Gods of Fate RPG.

The game, originally funded via Kickstarter, is now available in .pdf format from the Third-Eye Games website. Part-Time Gods of Fate uses Encoded Designs' modified version of the Fate Core game system. So if you're familiar with that, then you know a bit about the mechanics of the game. The new system adds rules for Territory Creations, Worshipers, Relics, and more.