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Third Eye Games Releases Blue Card Duty Adventure for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc RPG

You might be surprised to find out that not everything I do here for TGN is exciting. Sure, working in the gaming industry is pretty cool and all, but there's also dealing with advertisers, coordinating game reviews, typing up reports, editing articles, and just the "regular routine" you'd expect at an office job. Every job is going to have the "boring, mundane stuff" that has to get done in order to make everything else work. Even if your job is making sure the apocalypse doesn't happen, there's still paperwork. In the Apocalypse Prevention, Inc RPG, those jobs are the "Blue Card Duty" jobs.

"Ok, so why would I want to RP sitting at a desk, sorting through paperwork?" I hear you ask.
Well, what if, while pushing pencils and filing routine paperwork, you came across something more sinister? And I don't mean that a form was only filled out in duplicate and not triplicate. Sometimes it's the smallest discoveries that can lead to the biggest adventures. That's what's going on in the Blue Card Duty adventure just put out by Third Eye Games.

So make like Hermes and file yourself some paperwork!