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Third Eye Games Holiday Grab Bags Now Available

We've all got a friend or loved one that, when you ask them what they'd like as a gift, goes "Oh, just surprise me." Those people can be some of the hardest to shop for. Well, Third Eye Games helps you out some with their Holiday Grab Bags. Now you can be just as surprised by what they get as they are.

Each bag will contain:

• 1 random core book
• 2 random sourcebooks
• 1 T-shirt
• 1 bonus prize (a character pack, poster, dice bag, or some other swag)

There's around $100 worth of stuff in each box, but you'll get it for only $60. And it's not entirely 100% random, as you'll get a chance to give them a "want list" as well as a shirt size. It's not guaranteed you'll get the stuff on your list, but it at least pushes things in your direction.