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They that laugh last...are probably zombies

Mind the Gap Studios has announced their next Kickstarter campaign. This one's ZtoZ, a survival party game.



From the announcement:

ZtoZ, a survival party game from Mind the Gap Studios, will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on October 13th for $13 in the US.

About the game:
In ZtoZ, players are trying to survive a night sitting around a table surrounded by a horde of zombies. To accomplish this goal, they need to do their best zombie impersonations while reading a card and making eye contact with another player at the table. The catch is that zombies have no sense of humor so any player caught laughing, smiling, etc is obviously not a zombie and is infected/eaten by the horde and joins them around the table.

But, being a zombie isn't too bad. You get to spend the rest of the game "helping" by making zombie noises, participating in the human face-offs by mimicking the reader or just being silly in the background, and, once each round, the zombie horde gets to pick targets at the table for an additional face-off.

The last player at the table wins.

Number of players:
ZtoZ works with 3 but is best with 10+ or as many as you can gather.

ZtoZ plays in about 10 minutes for a single game.

Age suggestion: 10+