They Do Not Come in Peace: Is Privateer Press just a pawn of the government?

By Polar_Bear
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May 29th, 2012

I know we don’t usually post 3rd-party stuff, but I just felt that this had to be said.
They Do Not Come In Peace is a website saying just that. Like I typed, I know it’s not normally policy to be sharing this sort of stuff, but well, they’re claiming that PP’s Level 7 world is just trying to say that aliens are real and blahblahblah. I mean, I worked for years as a moderator for PP and I feel it’s still somewhat my duty to show that they’re a good company with nice people.

Anyway, I saw it in Matt Wilson’s latest Privateer Insider and thought I’d boost the signal (and not via the microchip implanted in my head by the black helicopters… I only use that chip to broadcast They Might Be Giants music to the fillings of crazy people).

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  • ninja007

    Funny….this is exactly what government pawns covering up alien invasions would say

  • keltheos

    Why dignify the paranoid ramble with a post?

  • Sockmonkey58

    Is there a sudden shortage of aluminum foil I hadn’t heard about?

  • Dez

    Wouldn’t they shoot for Hasbro or some other game company with, you know, more public accessibility?

    Don your tinfoil, everyone! Hatters gonna hat!

    • scarletsquig

      Don’t be ridiculous, everyone knows Hasbro doesn’t use their games division for the purposes of mind control via subliminal messaging… they use “My Little Pony” for that.

      • Dez

        Hahah! Well said, my Brony!

  • Atrix

    Viral marketing?

  • That little website seems some sort of joke. It cannot be true because even the interview with “running man” is clearly a joke. Ok for the viral marketing 🙂

  • Trent

    Agreed. That tinfoil hat site has, what, 4 pages on it? I think it’s a PP plant, or a very lazy conspiracy theorist.

  • bricktop135

    Yes it is fake. If you check a whois domain list you will find that it is owned by Matt Wilson and that all the PP’s info is linked to it. I think its smart of them and its getting me excited for their new products.

    • wittdooley

      Nice find! Wonder if this means they’ll have some surprises for us at GenCon? Would be nice!

    • Dez

      That’s really cool, I didn’t take the time to do that. Haha, nice work PP!

    • metalsifter

      “They” put the website under Matt’s name to throw us off “their” scent.

      Putting it under their own name would lead the MIB right to them.

  • I’m going to guess it’s probably just viral marketing.

  • Grim6

    Well played, Matt Wilson, well played.

  • tuco

    I know that PP told us over and over that this wasn’t going to be another miniatures game, but I’m still disappointed that it’s just a boardgame now that it’s been pretty much confirmed as such.

  • Grindar

    It’s too bad there’s a board game tied to this…would have been a great tie-in to another expansion for monsterpocalypse.

    • cybogoblin

      When it was first announced, PP said that Level 7 wouldn’t just be one product. There might be a minis games in the works, or an RPG, or something else altogether.

      Either way, I’m signed up for one of the Level 7 sessions, so I’ll ask them then.

  • I had no idea that the Level 7 game was based or related to UFOs until this read.

  • Sean_OBrien

    While I can’t speak to whether or not PP is a pawn of the government…TGN is a pawn of PP in this case.

  • palaeomerus

    I think the viral marketing stink is a bit heavy here. Just a bit. And I’m not sure that making fun of lost souls/scammers like Alex Jones and David Eike and the whole Coast to Coast crowd is exactly a classy move.

    And is PP going to support this thing better than they did Monsterpocalypse, Voltron, and Grind? I certainly hope so.

  • Nosaj Verush

    I am both disappointed and relieved. I assumed I would get into any sci if minis game that PP devised, even if I could not afford to. Now that I see it is a UFO/Hangar 51 inspired game, I know I will not be interested and can save some green. Hey, its not like they don’t get enough of my money, though I must say, it seems like PP interest has fallen off of late, at least in my neck of the woods. For good or bad, GW is back on the rise. And many more obscure games like Freebooters Fate and, while not so obscure, Heavy Gear are getting played. Very refreshing.