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They Do Not Come in Peace: Is Privateer Press just a pawn of the government?

I know we don't usually post 3rd-party stuff, but I just felt that this had to be said.
They Do Not Come In Peace is a website saying just that. Like I typed, I know it's not normally policy to be sharing this sort of stuff, but well, they're claiming that PP's Level 7 world is just trying to say that aliens are real and blahblahblah. I mean, I worked for years as a moderator for PP and I feel it's still somewhat my duty to show that they're a good company with nice people.

Anyway, I saw it in Matt Wilson's latest Privateer Insider and thought I'd boost the signal (and not via the microchip implanted in my head by the black helicopters... I only use that chip to broadcast They Might Be Giants music to the fillings of crazy people).