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TheWarStore Weekend postponed has made a decision to postpone their TheWarStore Weekend gaming event. From their website:
I am very sorry to relate that I have decided to postpone TheWarStore Weekend for 2011. The past 2 years have been personally difficult for my wife and myself as both of my parents have grown increasingly ill. This year has seen serious downgrades in their condition. With so many important decisions and responsibilities piling up, the date for the con has basically just snuck up on me. Rather than making a half effort and not having a good con, we have decided to postpone TheWarStoreWeekend until October 2012. I want to personally apologize to all of you who have looked forward to TheWarStore Weekend, and to those who have expended so much effort on its behalf. Of course all tickets will be immediately refunded. I hope you can understand my reasons for postponing TheWarStore Weekend, and that you will consider joining us next year.