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TheWarStore Weekend forced to change dates and venues

TheWarStore Weekend has had to change the date and venue for their event this year. Make sure to re-mark your calendars!

From the update:

Unfortunately we have had to make a change in both the date and the venue for the upcoming TheWarStore Weekend 2013. Once we came to an agreement with the Hotel our salesperson was rather suddenly ‘let go’, without a word of warning to us. When we heard nothing from the salesperson for a few weeks we contacted the hotel and found out that in the interim they had sold our time and space to the Carraciola-Gildenstern wedding.

After we expressed some consternation the new salesperson did find us another space close by, and it is also a fine venue. We are moving to the Hilton, New Brunswick – 9 miles southeast of our original location and actually closer to I-95. This hotel features a great inside space, the same room pricing, similar onsite eating venues, and a multitude of offsite eating and drinking establishments within a 2 mile radius. We don’t forsee any real travel disruptions and we are keeping the benefits we gained over the 2012 location (better/more offsite restaurants, everything under one roof). However, in order to secure the new site we did have to change the date, to November 1st to November 3rd 2013. We are very sorry we had to make this change, and we hope this does not cause anyone any serious inconvenience. If you have already made travel arrangements and this date change will cause a problem please let us know as soon as possible and we will do what we can to help.

So, for 2013 TheWarStore Weekend 2013 has officially moved to the Hilton, East Brunswick, from Nov 1 through Nov 3. We hope to see you all there!