Old Man River Set competition is having a contest and you could win a Gale Force 9 river set.

From their announcement:

Here at TheWarStore, we like to promote the products we use and like best.  Since the inception of our Warhammer Fantasy binge, we’ve gotten into playing scenarios and using all the different types of terrain featured in the new Fantasy Rulebook.  We seem to always end up in the wetlands.   For us, rolling for random terrain before the game most always ends with a river and some marshes.  That said, we needed a river set could accommodate our style.  GF9 answered the call with their Battlefield in a Box, River Set.  We tend to like them over other equivalents because the rivers edges are low (no one can claim a preposterous cover save with the rivers molded edge), their table top flexibility, and the fact that its all pre-painted is always a huge selling point.”

What’s it about?
We are giving away a free river set to the winner of the competition.

What’s the competition?
Our favorite quote wins.  Send us a quote pertaining in some way to a river or rivers in general (look one up, think it up yourself, etc) and in two weeks time we will decide which one’s our favorite and a winner will be chosen.  The winner will be announced and we will send them a free river set.