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There and Back Again, a Polar Bear's Tail

Or tale, or something.
I'm a bit sleep-deprived at the moment. After working all morning and early afternoon at Adepticon yesterday, my carpool buddy, Blackstock, and I drove all the way back from Chicago to Atlanta. Upon arrival here, I got about 2 hours of sleep before my brain said, "You're awake now" and so I've been working on unpacking my suitcase, starting up laundry, and other such things that, thankfully, don't require a lot of brain power. Regular news posts will resume tomorrow. In the meantime, in case you missed out on the Adepticon coverage:

The TGN Facebook Page was the front-lines for where you could see all the coverage the fastest. We actually passed 10k "Likes" for the page, in total, this weekend. When I can think again, I'll have some sort of giveaway in thanks for that happening.

And along with the posts here helping you find the galleries from the show (First Photos From Adepticon, More Photos From Adepticon, Some More Adepticon Photos, and More Some More Adepticon Photos), there were a couple more posted on the Facebook feed to check out. Such as:

A few quick shots from the Wrath of Kings Storyline Event

WoK Storyline

Some of the armies and terrain tables for Wyrd Games' Malifaux Events

Wyrd Games

A look at a Wrath of Kings Build-And-Play Event


And the (very full) display case from Outlaw Miniatures


But it wasn't just photo galleries. I also played the new card game, Dark Deeds and have a Demo Report for you.
Plus, you can win your own copy, plus the Adepticon Expansion pack, along with an original sketch by Mark Gibbons!

Dark Deeds

And, of course, there was the Crystal Brush Awards. I'll be updating the announcement page so that the various names link to their photo page.


I want to thank everyone who I met at the show. Special shout-outs go to the fellows from Steamforged Games, the great guys from Red Republic Games, The awesome duo from Eagle Ordinary (who gave me a kick-ass Purity Seal), the guys from Anvil Eight Games, and a lot more that my sleep-deprived brain is forgetting at the moment (it's unintentional, I promise! I love aaaaall of you!).