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Theory 12 Games running Xenofaction sci-fi board game Kickstarter

Theory 12 Games has a Kickstarter campaign going for Xenofaction, their sci-fi/horror tactical board game.


From the campaign:

A table top board game of epic proportions for 2-8 players, created by Eric Houghtaling and Jake Gissin, owners and founders of Theory 12 Games.

The time is in a distant future. Humanity has become part of a Galactic Council of a precarious nature, wrought with nefarious alien races all watching the other with incredulity and disdain. The Council has adjourned from a meeting that has left the members……at odds, to say the least. Having already been dispatched, you take the role of commander of a small strike force representing your race and its enthralling stake in an archaic space station orbiting Earth. Equipped with unique and outlandish weaponry, abilities of extraordinary and marvelous effect, and the luck of the die, you will battle other players and the perils on board the station in a race to complete your missions and grasp victory.