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Theomachie crowdfunding for Cthulhu Mythos expansion in German

Gaming is certainly a worldwide phenomenon. You can go to any country and find people spending their free time by playing games. Unfortunately, we haven't yet gotten that "one world language" thing down yet. And not everyone knows how to speak every language. So sometimes you can have a really awesome game, but people won't be able to play it because they can't read it. Well, Historical Games Factory is looking to release some of the expansions for their Theomachie card game, and they've taken to Spiele Offensive in order to get them funded.

These sets will incorporate the Cthulhu Mythos, Slavonic mythologies, and Egyptian gods to the German version of the game. These are sets that were funded for the English game earlier this year in a campaign where Historical Games Factory teamed up with Petersen Games.

The current crowdfunding campaign has already made more than 2x their goal and still has 38 days to go.