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The Year of DreadBall kicks-off with Season 4

Mantic gives us a look at what they have in store for DreadBall this year with a preview of Season 4. The Season 4 rulebook will be 48 pages an include four new teams: Sphyr, Hobgoblins, Unincorporated Rebs, and the Forge Father Brokkr Team. Of course, there will be some MVPs as well. Along with that, there's new coaches and cheerleader minis they'll be coming out with.

And speaking of the minis, they're going to be coming pre-assembled now. So your players will be ready-to-play right out of the package.


From the announcement:

Mantic Games is proud to announce Season 4 will be released to retailers in January and February 2015.
The new Season is spearheaded by a 48-page full colour rulebook, containing background, rules and stats for new teams, MVPs as well as new gameplay mechanics including Fans and Achievements.

Supporting the book are 4 new teams of plastic miniatures: the aquatic alien Sphyr, Hobgoblins, Unincorporated Rebs and the Forge Father Brokkr Team.

For the first time the figures come pre-assembled – players of the game can take the figures out of the box and use them on the pitch immediately. Each team will retail for an MSRP of $29.99.

There are also two box-sets of famous MVPs and a set of models representing Cheerleaders and Fans.

“DreadBall has grown from strength-to-strength since its launch in late 2012 and our burgeoning community continues to ask for more,” said Marketing Coordinator Chris Palmer, “Season 4 kicks-off a year of DreadBall that will see organised play, a dedicated website and a new standalone game – DreadBall Xtreme – all on the cards. It’s the most ambitious thing we’ve done yet, and we can’t wait to see the new teams on the pitches of the far future.”