The Wicker Man available now from Ainsty

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 17th, 2013

Ainsty Castings has a new Wicker Man model available over in their webshop.
Aaah! The bees! The bees!

From the release:

Alan the Wicker Man
Standing taller than a very tall thing, with room inside for a 28mm mini based on a 25mm base (not included) Alan has two head variants plus a Green man mask which fits on the Wicker head.
10 pieces make up this model for £25

suitable for any period from Roman (so i’m told) up to present day and any number of fantasy settings.

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  • Tor Gaming

    That is just awesome!

  • Agreed! This is all kinds of cool! Is that an Eddy head option I see?

  • tuco

    As a shameless die hard Maiden fan, this was the first thing that came to mind when I saw “Wicker Man.” The Eddie head is pure brilliance.

    • tuco

      My comment above was meant to be @Enrico.

    • Agreed! I may indeed have to purchase this based on the Eddie head alone.

  • Hexenjaeger

    Britt Ekland!

  • Gallant

    How did it get cast? How’d it get cast? Howditgetcast?