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The Warstore Weekend is less than 2 months away, new event registration available

TheWarStore Weekend will be here before you know it. They've got some event registrations now available if you want to check out what sort of special stuff you can do while at the show.


From the update:

We have a bit of info to add this week.

Warmachine event sign-ups went live this month. There are 7 events over the course of the weekend. Last year's convention had battles going into the wee hours of the night so don't miss your chance to slug it out!

There is a lot of excitement for the 2nd Edition Malifaux games. Watch for the next Beta rules releases from Wyrd on October 7th that will fill in the gaps from the 2E rulebook and Arsenal decks due on store shelves soon.

MechaniCon 40k tickets and Colonial WHFB GT tickets are quickly approaching sell outs. Don't hesitate to get your spot reserved, once again at only $49.99 for the whole weekend including any side events you want to register for!

Side events continue to be highlights of the weekend and not just something to fill up space. Battlefleet Gothic returns for the 5th year, 40K Kill Team events are here again and even Bring and Battle 40K Apocalypse goodness has been added.

The Flames of War two day event, Mid War - 1675 points, will once again be available.

Infinity has come back for a second year. The 300 point event on Saturday, November 2nd will be a blast!