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The Warlands Core Rulebook is now available

Aberrant announces their Warlands Rulebook is now available:

From their announcement:

Full Throttle Vehicular Combat!
Warlands - a twisted shell of a world; with thousands of miles of dust- covered plains, shattered coastlines and drowned cities. A world where death and disease walk the desolate city streets of long abandoned towns and cities, where mutant raids are the norm, cannibalism for many is the key to survival, and brother fights brother for the last scraps of a fading civilization.

In the future the only way to get gasoline is with a gun...
Warlands is a turbo-charged miniatures game of cinematic combat set in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic earth. The Warlands Core Rulebook contains the new fully expanded rules and includes two new factions: Nomads and Loteks; rules for Walkers and Flyers; new terrain rules; an extended Mac's Body Shop for full vehicle customization with new products for Armory and Equipment selection; Special Character rules; increased game levels; and action-packed fiction.

Strap yourself in for high-octane action; from small-scale skirmishes to epic battles, the Warlands sing with the screams of the dying and the roar of the machines...

Download it today at

As promised if any of you purchased the original Warlands Rules Handbook you should have received an email with your discount code to purchase the new Core Rulebook.

Thanks for all of your support and patience.