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The Wargamer's Annual Returns for 2012

Caliver Books/Partizan Press have announced the availability of their 2012 Annual:

From their announcement:

The Wargamers' Annual 2012
Charles S Grant
ISBN: 978-1-85818-627-6
88 pages
297mm x 210mm

Welcome to The Wargamers' Annual 2012 - the Olympic Edition. I have been
overwhelmed by contributors and as a result there is rather more of them and
less of me - I think for the better. It has widened the scope of the periods
covered and the wargame views and styles that you will find in the Annual.
The Dossier, which this time around is about Water, even includes some ideas
about Naval Wargaming.

We have some excellent guest contributors with one or more pieces from Angus
Konstam, Barry Hilton, Charlie Grant, Dale Smith, Henry Hyde, Jim Purky,
Steve Rimmer, Stokes Swartz and Stuart Asquith. Thank you all. A scan
through the Contents will reveal the breadth of subjects they have covered.

Bob Marrion has produced some lovely illustrations of an unusual subject to
go with a piece by me on the Émigrés.

I have said it before but the contents have been put together with the
intention of producing a magazine which is not read and discarded, but a
reference book which can be put on the shelf and returned to. I hope you
will find that it fits that description. Remember, an Annual is not just for
Christmas - it's for the whole year!

Charles S Grant