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The Wamp Awards 2012 Open for Nominations

Wamp has started taking nominations for this year's Wamp Awards.

Over at Wamp we have just launched our annual awards to recognise outstanding contributions in mini painting this past year.

We have the following categories open to nominations:

Best Fantasy Miniature
Best Sci-Fi Miniature
Best Historical Miniature
Best Steampunk Miniature

(these 4 categories are for sculpts not painted versions)

Best Painted Fantasy
Best Painted Sci-Fi
Best Painted Historical
Best Painted Steampunk

(this includes dioramas, scratchbuild,etc)

Best Miniature Company
Best New Miniature Company
Best Range
Best Product
Best Event
Best Publication
Best Blog

If anyone fancies nomination for any of these categories something they think deserving then please do so.

Full details and rules can be found over at Wamp

(You dont need to be a Wamp member to nominate)