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The Vortex: Core Rulebook is available now

Vortex: Core RulebookUnified Theory Games have released the Vortex: Core Rulebook. From their announcement:
Unified Theory Games is proud to announce the release of the Vortex: Core Rulebook. Five years in the making, the Core Rulebook contains complete rules for playing the game, constructing customized Combatants, an incredible array of Scenarios, and an extensive yet easy to play Campaign system. The Vortex: Core Rulebook is on sale now for $24.95 and is only available at The downloadable introductory Vortex: Basic Battlefield Rules, Vortex Bonus Combatants, and Vortex Bonus Supplements are available for free at Vortex is a fully customizable miniature skirmish game for use with any miniature in any setting.