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The Vampire, the Elf, and the Cthulhu Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Well, I tell you what, if you're going to name your game, name your game. Some games are good but the name of it doesn't instantly pull you in. That's not really the case with this one. When I first opened the news item, I went, "Well... now I've got to know more about what this game's about." Well, it seems pretty interesting-sounding from the campaign up on Kickstarter.

In this game for 2-4 players you take on the role of a fantasy novelist. You're competing against your fellow novelists, trying to create the ultimate fantasy horror novel. But you're all working on the same book, so things are going to get interesting. By playing cards, you will have to overcome plot holes, tense situations, and convoluted character ambitions. Can you craft the next Frankenstein, or will it be on the bargain bin next week?

The campaign is up and running now with still 28 days to go.