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The Undead are Coming to BattleLord 2nd Edition

The undead have long been popular as baddies in all forms of media, miniatures gaming especially. Now they're invading BattleLore 2nd Edition from Fantasy Flight Games in the form of Terrors of the Mists and Heralds of Dreadfall, a pair of expansion packs that will be coming out soon. Each pack brings you enough figures to make a fifty point army, and as is common with expansion products from Fantasy Flight, there's a lot more than just models in the packs.

Each one also has a twenty card lore deck to expand the powers of the forces. They also have new a new scenario for your playing pleasure. To go along with the scenarios, or just to add a bit of variety to your playing field, there's also new terrain hexes you can use.

These figure packs will be available 3rd quarter of this year.