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The Third Law Sci-Fi Minis Game Up On Kickstarter

Are you ready for some full-contact robot gladiator action?
Well, I hope so, otherwise the rest of this announcement's kind of wasted. The Third Law has launched on Kickstarter. In it, players take on the role of Machinists, a programmer who assembles and builds teams of robots, called Wreckers, to fight out in arena combat. When the bots take damage, feedback will loop back and hurt the Machinists, so it's best to make sure you're not singed by the end.

About the campaign:

The Third Law is a thrilling and addictive 28mm ‘heroic’ scale miniatures skirmish wargame, focussed on clashes between rival Factions in a bleak future. Combining world class robot miniature figures with cutting edge game mechanics in a fully immersive world, The Third Law appeals to both casual and tournament gamers alike.
Players take the role of elite programmers (Machinists) assembling their teams of robots (Wreckers) and upgrading them before entering the battlefield arena to smash, rend and tear their rivals apart in a perpetual pursuit of fame and glory.

Employing a custom developed set of mechanics for resource generation and usage, it softens the learning curve for new players. Meanwhile veterans will love the push-your-luck element as they balance risk and reward against their strategic game plan throughout the game.

On the battlefield, rival Machinists direct their Wreckers in fearsome assaults against each other as they compete for control of Node points – dealing neural Feedback to each other as they race to put their rival out of action. This generates a dynamic game as each player tries to gain the positional upper hand.
A wealth of upgrades for both Machinists and Wreckers allow players to customise their selection to match their individual playing style, whilst the game mechanics provide a safety net to ensure all aspects of the game remain balanced.

The initial Factions available on Kickstarter launch are visually distinctive, and the incredible and evocative artwork will naturally attract players to one or more of the Factions. With the promise of additional Factions and ‘huge’ category robots available as Stretch Goals in the campaign the backers of The Third Law could have a hard time deciding on just one. The miniatures themselves are absolutely stunning, and it is clear that no expense has been spared in transforming the imagery into 3D form and onwards to the finished production models.

Up to 40% off RRP is available to backers right now via the Kickstarter campaign making another great reason to dive into this gritty and engaging sci-fi world.

The Kickstarter is running now and is set to go for another 29 days.