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The Thin Blue Line Savage Worlds Setting up on Kickstarter

Detroit. It's sort of a mess. And in The Thin Blue Line supplement for Savage Worlds, it's even worse than you've been seeing on the news. There are angry spirits, dangerous supernatural creatures, and a secret cult on the rise. Ok, now for what's different from reality... Just kidding.

For all the menaces out on the streets, there's the Corktown precinct of the DPD. They, alone, have the resources available to take on any and all threats to the inhabitants of Detroit. They are the thin blue line against not just the "regular" crime, but against all the supernatural as well. This is the setting behind The Thin Blue Line. As Corktown officers, you must keep the citizenry safe while also making sure information about what's really happening doesn't get out to the media.

The campaign is about 1/4 funded, but still has 20 days to make up the difference before the campaign comes to a close.