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The Terrain Corner

Hey everyone!
You know that lately we've been starting to try and group various like-type stories together. We've got our Podcast Post we make on Tuesdays and our Review Roundup on Saturdays. Well, we've looked it over and decided that Terrain would be a good story type to bundle all together in one place as well. This is the first of our Terrain Corner spots, where we'll be bringing you the latest in products to make your gaming table look the best it can.

In this inaugural batch we have: New Industrial Battlefield and English Timber Framed Buildings from Warlord Games and Sarissa Precision, MicroClad Metropolis released by Fantasy Arc, Deep-Cut Studio releases gaming mats for aerial combats, Manorhouse Workshop Kickstarter Halfway There Goal Unlocked, and New Nebula 36x36 inch battle mat from Micro Art Studio.

New Industrial Battlefield from Warlord Games and Sarissa Precision

Industrial Battlefield

We’ve put together this collection of industrial terrain to provide everything you need for a fantastic Bolt Action battlefield – perfect for Western and Eastern Front or further afield.

And it comes with a FREE plastic infantry set!

The Industrial Battlefield is made up of these laser-cut wooden kits from Sarissa Precision:

1x Factory – Large
1x Factory – Large Destroyed
1x Factory – Office/Workshop
1x Factory – Power Room
1x Road signs & telegraph pole

1x Engineering Set (resin and metal)

And your own choice of plastic infantry absolutely free!

New Sarissa English Timber Framed range from Sarissa Precision and Warlord Games


We’ve added a heap of new terrain onto the Warlord webstore this week, in the shape of Sarissa Precision’s fantastic new ‘English Timber Framed’ range – ideal for anyone looking for terrain for Black Powder, Pike & Shotte or Bolt Action games!

MicroClad Metropolis released by Fantasy Arc

Fantasy Arc

Fantasy Arc is pleased to announce the release of the first wave of buildings for the MicroClad Metropolis. The MicroClad Metropolis is a collection of highly detailed, modern buildings for use with micro scale 6mm-1/285 table top games like Robotech RPG Tactics and Battletech. The MCM sets itself apart from other laser-made buildings of this scale by the level of detail achieved in each model. How is this accomplished? With the innovative Paint & Clad finishing system.

The Paint & Clad finishing system is a novel approach to producing high detail in a small scale, in a way that makes assembling table top ready models quick and easy. The key is the heavy weight artist's paper cladding that is applied to the models. All of the model's details are already laid out for you, with the precision of laser cutting. MCM models are completed in three easy steps.

1. Pre-paint the wood pieces before assembly. The models are designed so each piece only need be painted a single solid color.

2. Assemble the wooden structure of the model. Simple step-by-step assembly, and a little wood glue, takes those pre-painted pieces from a jumble of parts to a complete building.

3. Apply the cladding. Applying the cladding, with all its laser cut detail, over the pre-painted and assembled model finishes a great looking table top ready building.

The full line is now available on our website, along with a bundle pack containing all the new releases at a discounted price.

Deep-Cut Studio releases gaming mats for aerial combats

Aerial Gaming Mat

Another new gaming mat release! Our latest addition to miniature games mats is a dedication to everybody who loves aerial combats. The mat is available as 4x6 size background or two separate 3x4 size mats that make one continuous 4x6 size image. Manufactured on PVC for heavy duty usage or synthetic cloth for ultra-portability they are a must have for dogfight lovers. Check them out at our website!

Manorhouse Workshop Kickstarter Halfway There Goal Unlocked

Thank you all for your support! Halfway to the top in less than 5 days!

According to the tradition established in our previous Kickstarter we want to give back for your generosity. This means EVERY BACKER at EVERY PLEDGE LEVEL will receive a free upgrade of their Oblivion Starter Sets!

This essential part will allow you to build bigger rooms and more flexible dungeons, like the ones shown below!

New Nebula 36x36 inch battle mat from Micro Art Studio


The mats are a mixture of polyester and rubber.
Top part is a high quality printout on polyester surface. The bottom part is made of rubber thanks to that it does not slip.
It's similar to the "mousepad" material The colour of printout may vary little compared to the ones shown on the picture