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The Teeny Weeny Show gets a new home

Angel Barracks have news about their wargame show dedicated to small scale figures and games. From their announcement:
As some of you are aware I am organising a small scale show (10mm and under) later this year. The show is aimed at the smaller side of gaming and is a combination of traders and gamers. The purpose is for those of us that are passionate about smaller scales to have a show where everything there is teeny weeny. The games are 10mm and under. The traders are selling 10mm and under products. This event is not a big club show such as most of them are; it is a small event with a handful of traders and gamers. The idea is for those that love small scale gaming to come along and mix with other such gamers, see what other gamers do and have fun. Think of it more as a gaming session with a handful of different games (demonstration and participation) and some traders so that you can buy some teeny weeny goodies if you get inspired by what you see. (I am sure you will) If you think this is all a bit daft, pop along anyway and maybe you will see why we like small scale gaming. You never know you may just get bitten by the bug. Size Matters!