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The Soap Collective Rolls out the Role App

The Soap Collective Rolls out the Role App

The Soap Collective has their Role app. They’ve been working on it a lot since they released the pen-and-paper version, tweaking the rules and making sure everything works just the way they want. You can now get it for free over in the App store. You can create characters, run adventures, and read all about the setting. Extra adventures are also available for download.

Someday I need to get one of those “smart” cell phone telephones so I can do some of this stuff for myself.

From the announcement:

Today, The Soap Collective would like to announce that Role is officially OUT on the iOS App Store!

We’ve revised the gameplay based on feedback from our pen & paper release, with the goal of making the role playing experience as streamlined and easy to learn as possible. As of today, here’s what players will get when they download Role:

• The full Role gameplay experience, for FREE. Character creation, adventure creation, rolling, skill management, and leveling are all available in-full.
• A free pack of pre-designed Role characters, featuring the art of Mike Ackerman.
• A free pack of pre-designed Role adventure settings, featuring the art of Mike Ackerman.
• Additional content packs of characters and adventures, priced at $0.99 per pack, featuring the art of Aaron Loftis, Nick Schumaker, Eli Maffei, Robbie Trevino, and Jedd Chevrier. Many of these artists are known for their work on Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and the video game Project Spark.
• The “Role Button”: A prompt system designed specifically for the app, to help players get inspired when they are stuck on what to do next in their story. The Role Button gives the player randomly generated story ideas every time they tap it, helping players who struggle with the freeform story of tabletop RPGs get into the flow more easily.

We’ll be continuing to update Role with more content and advanced features over the coming months. We are currently only available on iOS, but we’re actively looking into a potential Android port in the near future. We also encourage players who don’t have iOS devices to try the Pen & Paper Version of the game, which is still available for free on our site!