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The Soap Collective rolls out Role

The Soap Collective has created a new iOS role playing app called Role. Want to game with your friends but they're spread out all across the world? Well, they've got a solution for you coming later this year.



From them to you:

With Role, The Soap Collective is trying to change what it means to be a “social game”. Building on the foundations of traditional pen & paper role playing games, Role is played face-up and in-person. With a tagline of “Imagine Together”, the goal of the game is to get people telling stories as a group, focusing on real interpersonal interaction and creativity. Role isn’t played using Facebook requests and resource boosters. It’s played around the table, on the couch, at a bar, on a camping trip, anywhere you can get a group of people together talking.

Role was designed with a pick-up-and-play mentality. Much like traditional tabletop RPGs, players create fictional characters and participate in a turn-based adventure that is organized by a single directing player (the “Game Master”). Unlike most of those games, though, Role is built to be ultra-simple. The Soap Collective was inspired by games like Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, and Space Team. They wanted to bring that same level of party game simplicity to storytelling games. Instead of thick rule books and piles of different dice, Role is played on your smartphone through simple and clear interactive prompts. Once players have the app, they shouldn’t need a pencil, paper, or dice to play. Everything is handled on the phone.

At a high-level, gameplay works like this:

• The game master creates a fictional setting (anything they want, Role is not tied to any one type of story)
• Each player creates a character by defining 3 unique “skills”. These skills can be anything the player wants. (Example: a ninja with the skills “Acrobatics”, “Bladed Weapons”, “Sneaking”)
• Players take turns declaring what they want to do in the story, and “roll” one or two of their skills relevant to that declared action. Their roll succeeds or fails, and the Game Master reflects the result by telling players the outcome.
• Skills level-up with use, increasing their chance of successful rolls.

Release Date: Late 2014
Price: Free (with unique pre-designed characters and fictional settings for sale in-app)
Platform: iOS
The game will be available via the iTunes App Store later this year.*

*As a special bonus, The Soap Collective has made the rules for playing Role available online for free. The iOS release is coming soon, but players can play Role using pencils, dice, and paper today by signing up