The Sky is falling

Burn In Designs is in their last day over on Kickstarter. There’s several Kickstarter-exclusive kits they’ve got as part of the campaign. Get in now or forever hold your peace.


From the campaign:

Going to keep this short so I can get the rest of the updates done. We just added the other painter special stretch goal. If you are like me and work on projects or paint on the go it is nice to be able to group just the colors you are using with a project instead of having to pull out all the paints each time you want to paint. The trays are about 5×8 so they fit together rather nicely with the model holders. They also stack together if you are using all the same style of paints. This is a big plus if you are limited on space. The trays are designed to fit GW or dropper style paints and in the combo you get to chose which trays you want to meet your painting needs.