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The Shell Case reviews Bushido

The Shell Case has a review over on their website for GCT Studio's Bushido game. Check it out.

From the review:

No not the way of the warrior, but the skirmish game by those fine chaps at GCT Studios.

For those not in the know, Bushido is an oriental skirmish game set, roughly, in feudal Japan. As with any skirmish game you control a small band of dudes with varying levels of awesomeness and use them to clobber your opponents small band of dudes.

What makes Bushido so different is not only its setting but its utter embracing of the myths and legends from ancient Japan. Every illustration, model, and faction background is steeped in that heritage which goes to show the love that the team put into it. Even the Savage Wave (evil nasty demonic baddy types) have their models firmly rooted in Japanese culture. Google Bakemono if you don’t believe me.