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The Shared Dream Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Have you ever had a dream so real that when you wake up you have to sort of "get your bearings" again and realize you're back in the real world? The kind where, for a bit, even the usually-familiar surroundings of your bedroom seem strange? Or maybe you start going about your day and then things from your dream seem to pop up? What if you and several other people all had that start happening? And what if that dream ended with an apocalyptic finish? You'd probably want to do your best to save the world. Or, at least, I hope you would. Odam Publishing also hopes you'd do that, as it's the story behind The Shared Dream, their new cooperative board game up on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

The Shared Dream is a 1-4 player cooperative board game set in the world of ODAM Publishing's tabletop RPG Of Dreams And Magic. It sees a group of each characters wake up from the exact same terrible dream, only to discover it's coming to life in the real world.

Each time the game is played, a Shared Dream scenario is chosen, with each one providing a different set of objectives, enemy mechanics, and unique Nemesis. Every Shared Dream also contains its own set of Personal Reflections, mini-stories each character must progress through in order to contribute to winning the scenario.

With 4 Shared Dream scenarios to choose from, 6 unique player characters, and a modular city that changes with every playthrough, The Shared Dream combines the strategy and replayability of a board game with the mood, theme, and storyline of a RPG.

The Kickstarter campaign's doing well, being pretty close to their funding goal with still 28 days left to go.