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The Seven Deadlies Party Card Game Up On Kickstarter

We all do things we really shouldn't We drive too fast. We take a pen home from work. We're jealous of your friend's minis. We commit regicide. You know, that kind of stuff. Well, The Seven Deadlies card game takes the things we do (or the things we can think about what we'd do) and brings it to a party near you. They're up on Kickstarter now and looking for funding love.

In the game, one player draws a Devil's Advocate card, which is basically a small scenario. They then roll the die of fate which decides which of the Seven Deadly Sins the other players are going to commit as part of that scenario. Players write down a short description of what they would do. They hand those in and they are read aloud. The player that started it all by drawing the Devil's Advocate card then picks which one they liked the most. The player that wrote that response gets a point. First one to seven wins... err... loses... err... is going to Hell the fastest, anyway.

The campaign is running now and is set to do so for another 17 days.