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The Screaming Heretic ep. 25 now available

The Screaming Heretic has episode 25 available now for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Segment 1

Open & Updates – Thank you KR Multicase

News -

Battle Bunker to no longer carry FW or order FW
PK-PRO has new fur texture pieces to help when you’re sculpting some … well… fur on your models.
GaleForce 9 re-issues Hall of Heroes Battlefield In A Box
Puppets War previews two new shoulder pads, keeping their Gods of Egypt theme.
KR Multicase – New Custom Trays for Tyranids
Hobby Mastery – Airbrush update from Raymond

Conversion tips from Craig

Segment 2

FLOORPOCOLYPSE – Recap on the game against TEW / practice run for the big game

Contest Update – Reminder on contests – Logo, Song, iTunes, Show Ideas

Segment 3

Black Library Interview – Graham McNeill

Adepticon interview – FoodHammer