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The Robotic Age: Mars rpg supplement on kickstarter

True In One is running a Kickstarter campaign for The Robotic Age: Mars, a new supplement for their Robotic Age RPG setting. With inspiration taken from such sources like RoboCop, Mega Man and Ghost in the Shell, the setting and rules let you build the cybernetic/robotic character you want. The Mars supplement adds such elements like Mecha (because giant robots are cool), a detailed description of life on Mars, new fighting styles, and new enhancements.
The campaign has passed their goal. So it's on to stretches for the next 19 days.


From the campaign:

True In One is running a kickstarter for their first RPG supplement, The Robotic Age: Mars.

The Robotic Age, funded in 2013, is an action packed rpg inspired by Mega Man, RoboCop, and Ghost in the Shell, where androids are sentient and weapon technology is out of control.

With the Mars supplement you can take your game to the red planet where corporations control the jobs and only 25% of the surface is habitable.
The book contains over 20 new upgrades usable in any Robotic Age game, 4 new fighting style, 1 new player designation, rules for Vehicles and Mecha, and much more.

The game is already funded and runs through the end of February!