The Road to The Miasma War – Meet Yulea Seablade

On the Lamb Games will be launching their Miasma War Kickstarter campaign tomorrow. For another preview, they’ve posted up Yulea Seablade.



From the preview:

The life of a pirate is harsh and unforgiving, but that didn’t stop Yulea Azel from seizing her family’s merchant ship, the Seablade and taking to the high seas. Gathering a crew from all walks of life, Yulea’s reputation has grown with each victory and raid. From time to time, the sly Corsair even strikes the Azel shipping lines, just to remind them that she is out there, stalking their wealth.

With so many passive effects working off of the Basic Attack command, Yulea Seablade is a great ‘simple’ 3 point character. Able to move twice before, make a second attack, and gain a defense buff, Yulea has a great threat range and hits hard. Her low DEF though, means she might be best used with a support model, or to cut down enemies already at low HP, just to avoid getting in a prolonged fight. The high HP means she can go a few turns against low point models without help, but a lucky roll could put her down quick.