The Road to The Miasma War – Meet the Mandragora

On the Lamb Games is our 2pm slot again with a look at the Mandragora for the upcoming Miasma War Kickstarter for Endless Fantasy Tactics.


From the preview:

Once considered a plague by the High Elves, Mandragora are semi-sentient plants that live in the jungles of Arganea. Numerous magical experiments were undertaken to study these creatures, in the hopes of utilizing their mana generating photosynthesis to drive the Elven war machine. Every experiment led to the destruction of the stock used, as they quickly went out of control.

Campfire stories among humans still whisper of the enhanced Mandragora that got away. Supposedly they grow in a hidden valley, sending tendrils across the world to choke out all life. Such stories are of course dismissed, but the threat of the normal Mandragora on Arganea makes the island continent a dangerous place to explore.

The Photosynthesis core ability allows the 1 point Mandragora to regenerate MP, a rarity among EFT models. Effective use of the Mandragora’s status effects can lock down more dangerous physical opponents, but the low starting MP means the Mandragora will need back up. A few Mandragora working in sequence can stretch out their MP pools much more efficiently.

The Mandragora will be sculpted by Sean Bullough.

The Miasma War Kickstarter Begins May 1st!